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Happy Valentines Day!♥️

February 14, 2014

Valentines Day is awesome just because i have someone that i love beside me and we get to celebrate that!  I don't like doing anything crazy or extravagant but just be together and that is what we did.  We both worked that day so we were just planning on doing dinner.

Steve has been craving sushi for weeks so i agreed thinking it probably wouldn't be that busy!  Well it was...we ended up waiting for about 45min so we just walked around and hung out-it was just perfect!  

Steve kept telling me that he had a surprise for me but since we just had our anniversary i was just thinking it would be something fun and small.  Well he surprised me with a ring!!!!! i was freaking out!  

The best part of both of my rings is that they are sentimental!  This one was his moms old setting that she gave him a long time ago!  I just absolutely LOVE it!  He is seriously the best at surprising me!! 

3rd anniversary

February 5, 2014

Happy Anniversary to us!! We both cannot believe that it has been 3 years already!  We have had such a wonderful life together so far and it is so excited to know that we have many many more years to come!

This year our Anniversary fell on a Wednesday.  With work and steve going to school we both don't get home until around 9 or 9:30 so we decided to celebrate over the weekend!

Friday Night:
It was my turn to plan where we were going to eat!  Steve is always so much better at surprising me and i always get more excited so this is always so stressful to me! For weeks i was thinking about where we could go-there are just soooo many options in Vegas.  The past few year we have done Steakhouses which i LOVE!! and steve loves steak to so i decided to try the SteakHouse at the Circus Circus.  This is supposed to be the best in Vegas.  

It was delicious and actually pretty affordable.  We usually share a stake and some sides and here we both got our own!  I just love steak!  After dinner we went and saw the lego movie. (steves choice) it was actually pretty funny and i was happy to make him happy!!

Friday was wonderful!!

Saturday we woke up and went to breakfast at Babystacks which is delicious!! After that we drove up to St. George and had a spa day!  We love getting pampered!  We both got a package that included a body wrap, massage, facial, and mani & pedi.  

The bummer is that you go to a nice high end spa having this high expectation and the service isn't really ever worth the money you pay for it.  

We both loved our facials but all of the other services were just ok.  

But we had a great time relaxing and spending the day together!  It is so fun sharing your life with the one you love!! 



January 25, 2014

One of our favorite things to do in the winter time is go up to Brianhead and go snowboarding!!  Snowboarding is one of steve's favorite things to do and i must admit he is pretty good at it!  He is always impressing me!

We were invited to stay in our friends condo so we packed and headed up friday after work!  It was the Johnsons, the Ences, the Bierstedts, and us!  We woke up saturday morning and headed out the lifts-the snow wasn't as good as last year.  It hadn't snowed there in like over a month so it was pretty icey and hard-when it is like this i like to take it easy because if you have any kind of fall you are hurting.  Sure enough first run of the day and i decided to do 360s down to practice switching feet...caught a lip and down i was-right on the tailbone.  INSTANTLY BRUISED!  So it was safe to say that i was really careful the rest of the day.  

Steve on the other hand didn't care. (maybe because he has butt pads)  but he was going off jumps and rails like always!!  He is amazing!

Chance kept up with us the whole time! He even went down the steepest mountain in Giant Steps!

Everybody loved steve's onsie!  People were offering to buy it off of him. He is such a goof ball!


January 16-19, 2014

Way to go Idaho!  I don't know why every time i think of Idaho that saying comes to my mind! I don't even know where it is from.

Well since Ryan and Brit moved to Idaho in September 2013 i have not been out there to see them.  Ry wanted to surprise Brit with a girls weekend for her birthday.  So i booked a flight up to Idaho so i could see my kids and their house and then drive to Salt Lake to have a girls weekend with all of Brits family.  

I had the best time!  I got in Thursday around 11am and Brit, Kensi, and lil Ry picked me up from the airport! I was soo excited to see them!  Kensi and Ry were my best buddies all day long.  Every time we would go to something Kensi would say i want Jessie to help me, I love Jessie.  It just melted my heart!  They wanted to show me everything and have me play with everything. It was fun going to pick Kaylee up from school and see every thing around town. We had a blast!  

Sadly that only lasted a day!  Brit and i drove to Salt Lake for the girls weekend which was also a ton of fun!  We mostly just shopped, ate, and talked a lot!  It was fun to see all of the moms without their kids.  They had a lot of fun and could really relax and enjoy themselves!!  It was fun to be a part of the Day family for a weekend.  It was also a lot of fun to be with and hang out with Brit all weekend!

I love my family!!

Kensi & Lil Ry

The cutest smile EVER!!

We got all bundled up and went on a drive in their Rhyno! 

Birthday Celebration!! 

We had such a great weekend!  I still hate that they live in Idaho but what can i do.  I just love them all so much! I am glad i got to go visit!

Happy New Year 2014!!


Another year had come and gone! It really is true what they say...the older you get the faster it goes.  It is so funny to me when you are young all that you want to do it grow up and have all the things adults have...and then when you become an adult all you want to do is be a kid again and have fun!  It is so important to just enjoy where we are at in life.  

I think last year i really have enjoyed where i am at in life.  I am in my prime-i am married to this hunk of a man who loves me more than ever, i have my career and i love going to work and making people feel gorgeous,  we bought a house and are financially in an ok place!  Life is great!! 

2013 was such a great year-we just lived life to the fullest.  I have such a bad memory so hopefully this year i was able to blog all of the fun things we were able to do this past year so that we can always remember! 

Before the new year my Little nephew Ryan had a birthday!! He is 2 years old and soo much fun! He is such a boy always hurting himself doing crazy things. Every time i see him he has a different bruise!  he is soo silly!! I love him soo much!

Well Steve and I had been sick after Christmas and were just exhausted.  We had gotten better but started feeling sick again the day before New Years Eve, so we didn't have any plans.  We had both decided to just take it easy and do something small.  Well on New Years Eve i started thinking if we didn't have something planned we would be so lame and probably fall asleep around 9 so i texted all my friends to see if anybody had plans.  To my luck everybody was open so i decided to host a New Years Eve PARTY!!

We had a really good time! This was the first time we have really had people over so it was exciting to show everybody our new house.  We just had some food and played some games! I am so grateful we have such good friends to bring in the New Year!  It was a lot of fun!

Shelly, Megan, Baby Devyn, Jessica
Lauren, Ciji, & me

steve caught everybody doing the first duck face of 2014!!


Christmas 2013

This was an extra special christmas because this was our first Christmas in our house!! I wanted to make it perfect and so special but you know me...time just starts passing by and before i know it Christmas has come and gone! 

Nonetheless we did get a Christmas tree but that is about it.  We didn't even have stockings.  I was going to go after Christmas and buy some decorations so i could get things on sale but i missed that too. So pretty much i failed this Christmas.  But we had such a great time hanging out and being with our family. 

Christmas Eve we spend with the Tidwell's!  Every year we have an amazing Christmas dinner and after Santa comes!  It is a lot of fun and very exciting.  We love being with all our nieces and nephews and seeing how happy they are!  

Christmas Day we spent with the Worthen's.  My moms family has been going to I-hop for breakfast ever since my grandma moved up to Utah so we can still all see each other which is always a lot of fun!  After I hop we went over and visited my Grandma & Grandpa Worthen.  After that we were getting dinner ready and waiting for Ryan, Brit and the kids to come down! They got in around 5pm and we had dinner and opened all of our presents!  

Our first Christmas Tree in our New House!!

We can't forget about our famous Christmas Pajama Photo!!  It is always a challenge to get a photo of my whole family.  The boys are always complaining about it and then when it comes down to it they are goofing off the whole time so it takes twice as long to get some decent pictures.  This is why i love my family!  They are the best!!